Channel: meta

Idea: private channels

Will require a bit more of a social network concept functioning with followers/etc. But it would be good to be able to designate that posts in a channel can only be viewed by users that you have specifically designated.


Allowing a user to edit their posts wouldn’t be hard, technically. I’m kind of thinking that I like the current setup though, where you can delete, but not edit. It encourages you to not put too much into a single post. It also fits with the “publish” nature of the site. Once you’ve hit “submit”, it’s kind of like sending an email; anyone else could get/read it immediately. So you should think before you submit instead of after.


Hello there!

Finch is my new super-simple micro blogging platform.

I just want somewhere to very quickly dump random links, ideas, and code snippets without all the overhead of a proper blog setup. Stuff too big for twitter but too random to put on my main blog.

It’s written in Go using a sqlite database.